House Design Decoration: Make a Perfect Look with Unique Touches

We have some ideas of house design decoration that are unique and uncommonly applied so that when you have them applied in your home, we guarantee that some of your friends will appreciate them. Appearance may be the most concern in completing a home project. After the home is constructed, it is the time when the interior designer, better than decorator, works. But if you are a decorator, don’t feel inferior as with these house design & decoration ideas from experts, you can work like a pro.

Unique Interior Design and Decoration Ideas

Most people currently love having white interior. By simply applying white painting and adding white furniture and decorative accents, house design decoration looks astonishing. All in white interior is simple yet interesting. However, it will be much more interesting if you add gold accent. For example, white kitchen with island and chairs is equipped with gold pendant lamps over the island, a gold decorative bowl and a gold faucet. They upgrade the look of the white furniture, backsplash, room painting and wooden flooring.

Colors hold a significant influence of house design decoration, indeed. By employing the perfect color scheme, room with simple furnishing will look captivating. Although all the elements employed inside the room have ordinary design, their colors may create a stunning combination representing a surprising look. For example, a gray painted living room works with marine blue sofa, orange armchair and purple armchairs. The main idea of this home design decoration idea is employing two or, maximally, three color choices.

Employing wood accents to upgrade the house design decoration with bold natural look is a common idea. Then, what you can do for a unique look is employing weathered wood. Sometimes, reclaimed wood does better in presenting interior decoration. Creating a wall accent by employing reclaimed wood structured in herringbone pattern is an unquestionable idea of creating stylish interior. Designer Brooke Wagner ever worked with this design concept for a small bathroom when the gray reclaimed wood is combined with gray painting and white furnishing. Then, you can apply this idea for any of your rooms in your home.

Shelving unit is an important element to add to support home interior. Every room of the house requires the existence of this item. Most house design decoration ideas apply wall shelf. Actually, there are also shelves designed in free standing style. Even, some special designs and patterns of the shelves have already added unique decoration on the wall. In addition, another unique idea is to brush up the shelf. It can be by adding a unique backdrop pattern, displaying some colorful accents, and displaying some photos or pictures.

Working with some used materials is the other interesting idea to do. One of the common materials is mason jar. There are some extra benefits to take from this item, such as to store things and to plant flowers. Especially to give extra storage, there is a tickling idea of house design decoration to try. This idea is also good for small space with wall cabinet. You can attach the jar lids to the underside of the wall cabinet. Screw the jar and let it keep some stuff efficiently.